For everyone
For every truck driver
Health is determined by lifestyle. The lifestyle of a truck driver makes it difficult to keep up with routine examinations and healthy habits. Poor cardiac health is linked to a higher number of truck crashes. Let's bring safety into the future by making cardiac-related crashes a thing of the past.
A day in the life of a truck driver
For every safe pregnancy
Preeclampsia is a life-threatening condition that affects 5% of pregnant women. One of the indicators is high blood pressure. By using continuous monitoring, we can make every pregnancy safe.
For every successful space flight
The low gravity environment in space affects the cardiovascular system. Astronauts who have not been properly monitored can experience permenent damage. As the space industry vamps up and more and more travelers will be making the journey from Earth, the need for comprehensive health monitoring is vital for the interplanetary future of humanity.

The space industry focuses on almost every detail that can be imagined, but what is often overlooked is the human element that is the basis of space travel.
Where do humans fit into the future?
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