Blood Pressure
Developing a novel method to measure blood pressure.
Goals for our breakthrough research:
    1. To accurately monitor blood pressure continuously, to observe the dynamic changes that occur in conjunction with various stimuli.
    2. To develop our AI to identify vital indicators which precede cardiac events such as heart attack, stroke, and hypertensive crisis.

    Our Technology
    Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT)
    The core of Qardiax's technology lies within our proprietary PWTT (pulse wave transit time) measurement. PWTT is the time it takes the ΔT pulse wave to travel from the aorta to a peripheral artery. Our state-of-the-art technology consists of an ECG chest patch and a PPG wrist watch.The ECG patch detects the pulse leaving the aorta and the PPG sensor measures how long it takes the wave to reach the wrist. Using this measurement, we can determine real-time, continuous blood pressure readings for systolic and diastolic estimates.

    ECG-chest patch
    PPG-wrist watch
    Novel research to uncover new data
    PWTT is a cutting edge method that can determine blood pressure on a continuous and dynamic basis. There is an industry-wide lack of data about the way that blood pressure functions. As of now, when a patient takes a blood pressure measurement it is of resting BP. This is not a realistic representation of the way BP behaves.

    Blood pressure is dynamic and it changes based on many variables. By monitoring BP continuously and dynamically, we open the door to an entirely new data set. Not only is this essential for the progress of the scientific and medical communities, but it is necessary data for the advancement of the wearable device market and the next step in IoMT.
    Data Collection Method
    What You Get
    Like-minded community
    Network with our community of world-class scientific and medical partners. Bring your vision to our team and become an established figure in a newly developing field.
    Access to raw data
    Use new data sets to cultivate interdisciplinary advancement in all areas of research. An innovative measurement of blood pressure has the potential to transform many other fields of study.
    Tools for data analysis
    Utilize our state of the art equiptment and methods for an unparalelled research experience.
    If you would like to join our research team, fill out the information below and you will be contacted by our managment team.
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